Nature trails

Hiking paths

”Finca Los Geranios” is located at the edge of the Anaga-massif. From this starting point you have the opportunity to discover the magnificient natural surroundings of Anaga Rural Park. Our accredited guides will lead you through incredible mountain trails, surrounded by very interesting fauna and flora that include many endemic species.

You’ll discover this unknown region in Tenerife, which is one of the most ancient areas of the island, and whose breathtaking valleys that reach the sea were home to aboriginal communities. The current way of life is strongly linked to herding, traditional agriculture and craft fishing.

Hiking trips

Trail Running

Fans of off-road running and of large ascents and descents will find a great ally in “Finca Los Geranios”. In cooperation with trail running experts, running paths are customised to users’ requirements and levels.

Trail running
Trail Running Teneriffa

Horse trekking

On the back of a horse during a pleasant ride you can live an unforgettable expedition through the trail network – a unique way of exploring the impressive views of the north-eastern region of Tenerife.

Horse trekking tours
Reitausflüge Teneriffa

Bike riding

Mountain bike fans will have the opportunity to discover Tenerife from a different perspective. We work with experienced professionals who’ll take you through the winding paths of the area, where you can explore amazing landscapes, beautiful views and the majestic appearance of mount Teide.

Bike riding tours
fahrradtour teneriffa

Kulturelle Routen

La Laguna

Immerse yourself in the charms of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a city which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

Cutural tour La Laguna

Barranco del Agua de Dios Route

Get a close view to a Site of Cultural Interest, declared a national Archaeological Site – Barranco del Agua de Dios, a ravine in beautiful natural surroundings close to the urban area where the original Guanches’ settlements (aboriginal populations from Northern Africa) are preserved.

Archeological tour Barranco del Agua de Dios

Cultural agri-turistic tour

Follow an agri-touristic route in the north-eastern region of the island, rich in a cultural heritage which is closely related to farming and agriculture traditions.

Cultural agri-turistic tour
Landwirtschaftsroute Teneriffa