Our story is similar to that of many other people, I guess. We happened to live in a historical moment in a part of the world where we grew up hearing other people talk about freedom and how lucky we were to have it. The truth is that, over time, we began to realize that this so-called freedom merely referred to the amount of things we wanted to consume. The stage was set, no loose ends, and the show was about letting us be content with our lives, obeying the requirements of a system responsible for determining our needs, ironically, in so-called absolute freedom.

Finca-los-geranios teneriffaAs mature yet youthful human beings, and after having tried,sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, some of the various life programs offered by the system, we realized that there were things we had to face and change in our lives. Then we understood that, in order to exercise the freedom we grew up hearing about, we had to break various bonds that connected us to some of the models unilaterally imposed by our culture, even by our families, and that we should create our own chart of principles and values similarly to those who take water and earth to mould their most precious clay figure: from scratch and in our own way.

This is where, encouraging one another, we began to assemble the puzzle that Finca Los Geranios represents for us today. We started by putting together different layers – emotional, intellectual, physical – and, gradually, an idea started to take shape: to regain ownership over our lives, taking on the risks derived from the decisions we make and banishing all disguises that fear can carry:  future, failure, and a long, sad etcetera. It is a collective journey, but also an individual one. We are members of a society, but we believe that the source of everything should be to improve ourselves as human beings, to grow on a personal level so that we can commit, from our essential core, to ourselves, society and our planet.

We do our best in turning what others consider waste into resources, thus keeping products “alive” and without compromising our aim to improve our comfort andquality of life. We do things such as building our own outdoor furniture with wooden pallets that would otherwise end up in the landfill, we feed our earthworms with our food leftovers so they can be nourished and fertilize our garden or simply choose to feed our heating boiler with olive or walnut tree crop residues that would otherwise end up in the trash: the Cradle to Cradle model.

We also want to make the most out of the excellent conditions of our land to fulfil our energy needs. For now, we use solar panels/solar energy to heat the water in the house and the pool, making it pleasant for a swim all year round. As already mentioned we use a biomass boiler for heating and are currently working on further projects to harness the winds that tend to rise from the sea through the valley of Pedro Alvarez.

This is our vision of life and we want to share it with those who want to come and visit us, since that’s how we enjoy life’s treasures best: by sharing them with others.

Sergio Fernández and Elisabeth Anselstetter